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DolPHIN-2 presents primary outcome analysis at CROI 2019


Published on March 05, 2019 14:59

On March 4th 2019, at the CROI conference in Seattle, USA, Chief Investigator Professor Saye Khoo presented the primary outcome analysis of the DolPHIN-2 study on behalf of the study team. 

The study reveals that dolutegravir suppresses viral load faster than efavirenz in late pregnancy. 

74 percent of women who received dolutegravir in their third trimester of pregnancy had undetectable viral load at the time of delivery, compared with only 43 percent of the women who were randomised to receive standard of care, efavirenz-based regimens. 

Mothers and infants in DolPHIN-2 will be followed to 72 weeks after delivery.

The results of the trial have been covered and disseminated by numerous HIV organisations and highlighted in CROI conference reports including:

HIV i-Base, Contagion

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DolPHIN-2 Study team's response to WHO's statement on the safety of dolutegravir in pregnancy


Published on June 20, 2018 13:13

WHO released a statement on 18 May 2018 relating to a potential safety issue affecting women living with HIV using dolutegravir at the time of conception. The DolPHIN-2 study team has carefully reviewed our statement and prepared a response to the statement in relation to the DolPHIN-2 clinical triall. You can read our response here

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DolPHIN 2 Trial Manager and Trial Monitor to visit Cape Town site

From: Katie

Published on February 05, 2018 11:48

The DolPHIN 2 trial opened for recruitment in our South African site last month. 

In light of this, the Trial Manager and Trial Monitor have arranged to visit the Cape town team from Monday 12th- Wednesday 14th February in order to carry out trial monitoring, deliver additional training and liaise with the sites about streamlining and improving trial processes. 

Trial monitoring is a vital part of the quality assurance of any clinical trial, as explained by our external monitor, Angela Colbers in this blog post

The Liverpool trial team and monitor will carry out regular visits to both South Africa and Uganda for the duration of the trial. 

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The first participant has been recruited to the DolPHIN 2 trial!

From: Helen

Published on January 25, 2018 12:37

On 22nd January 2018, our South African site opened to recruitment with the very first participant recruited into the DolPHIN-2 clinical trial the very next day.  A lot of hard work preceded this milestone in setting up the trial site.  Congratulations to Prof Landon Myer, Principal Investigator, and all the Cape Town team!  We are aiming to recruit 250 pregnant women diagnosed with HIV in the third trimester.

The South African trial team and the trial pharmacy are pictured below

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The Liverpool team sets off for Uganda: IDI Site Initiation Visit

From: Katie

Published on October 09, 2017 14:51

Today marks an important step in the set-up of the DolPHIN 2 trial, as key members of the Liverpool team make their way to Uganda for a Site Initiation Visit (SIV).

Chief Investigator Saye Khoo, Programme Manager Helen Reynolds and Trial Manager Kelly Byrne will spend this week with the Ugandan trial team, at the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala, ensuring everything is ready for the first patient to be recruited to the DolPHIN 2 trial.

A busy week is planned for the team, in which training in key trial management processes will take place and the trial participant pathway will be reviewed in detail.

External monitor Angela Colbers, from Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands, will also attend the visit. This will be the first of several monitoring visits from Angela, all of which will serve to ensure the trial is completed to the highest standards of quality.

The DolPHIN 2 trial is a large element of the overall DolPH...

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DolPHIN-2 Consortium meeting, 27th -29th March 2017

From: Helen

Published on April 01, 2017 14:27

After months of teleconferences, the  DolPHIN-2 project team finally came face to face at our first consortium meeting. 
At the end of March, we gathered in Cape Town, South Africa to kick off the project, which is looking at the HIV medication, dolutegravir, to see if it works better than existing medication used in Uganda and South Africa in late presenting pregnant women, with the aim of preventing mother to child transmission of HIV. 

 Representatives from all the collaborators (University of Liverpool, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Radboud University, Infectious Disease Institute, Uganda, University of Cape Town) attended the meeting - even though the luggage containing reference material arrived a day or two late.  

We had a very productive few days discussing all aspects of the project that include a clinical trial, health pharmacoeconomics and qualitative work looking at the acceptability of dolutegravir.  

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